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Step by Step with MyParcel Asia

17 Mar 2020
Below we have simple guidance (video) on how to use our system.---- Bahasa ----Berikut merupkan beberpa langkah (video) mudah untuk mengguna...

Hello World

21 Feb 2020
Hi Savers!We are proud to announce that now we have our official channel to communicate with all of you. This channel will be called "Update...

Shopee Integration Is Here

21 Feb 2020
Hi Savers,As the title suggest, Shopee integration is now available with MyParcel Asia!You can now connect to your Shopee merchant account f...

Woocommerce Integration Is Onz!

21 Feb 2020
Hey Savers!We are really glad to announce that you can now integrate Woocomerce into for Integration Menu at the sideb...

How To Topup

21 Feb 2020
Hey Savers!Having a problem how to topup your credit? No worries ! Watch and follow the steps in the video .-- Bahasa --Ada masalah macam ma...

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