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Lots of Love from our customers

Bella Ammara
Thank you MyParcel Asia, they managed to solve our prolonged pickup service issue with one of the courier providers. Now, i have a peace of mind for my deliveries.

Sukses Niaga Resources
Saya konsisten menggunakan perkhidmatan MyParcel Asia kerana servisnya yang sangat senang dan mudah! Ia sangat membantu sistem operasi perniagaan saya dari segi penjimatan masa dan juga tenaga. Paling penting ia menjimatkan kos penghantaran saya.

Jari Cantik HQ
Website MyParcel Asia sangat “friendly user”. Sangat senang bagi staff saya untuk check status parcel dan update kepada costumer. Customer Service pun terbaik! Cepat bertindak untuk selesaikan masalah kami.

Nims Adeliciousz
Terima kasih MyParcel Asia atas layanan yang baik. Setakat yang kami guna, tiada masalah tentang berat dan kotak parcel. Harga yang ditawarkan juga sangat berpatutan. Sekarang, kami tak perlu fikir tentang masalah penghantaran.

Rafaa Rich Resources
Dengan volume sales yang meningkat, system bulk MyParcel Asia sangat memudahkan kerja kami. Hanya dengan upload bulk template, kami boleh terus tekan checkout. Jimat masa!

H&M Clothing Bundle By Laila Lisarni
Very recommended platform for online seller to save your cost with a cheaper postage price. Thank you MyParcel Asia.

386 Scooter Accessories
It’s very convenient system to use! MyParcel Asia helps to shorten my packaging process by one click. As business growing, my volume of parcels has been increasing and their system can help me in creating consignment notes easily

I am happy with MyParcel Asia. Very easy to use and price offered also cheaper!

I love using MyParcel Asia, as it allows Portluxe to concentrate on our core competence. We use this platform for our domestic and international deliveries. Generating consignment notes is fully automated, digital and seamless. Door to Door service at affordable prices too!

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