Woocommerce Integration Is Onz!

Hey Savers!

We are really glad to announce that you can now integrate Woocomerce into myparcelasia.com.

Look for Integration Menu at the sidebar, click it and click Woocommerce button to start integrate. You will need Woocommerce API Key and Secret. Just follow the guides available during the integration process.

After integration successful, all orders in Woocomerce with status changed to 'paid' will be visible in your Woocommerce Integration Orders. You can select orders to be processed there and it will be sent to myparcelasia.com Cart ready for checkout.

Same exclusive and normal rates will be applied.

You can have multiple Woocommerce store integrated and each of them will have its own Integration Order list.

Here for easier shipment process!

-- Bahasa --

Kami nak bagitau yang sekarang ni korang dah boleh integrate dengan Woocomerce .

Cari dan klik menu Integration di sidebar,  klik butang Woocommerce untuk mula integrate. Korang akan perlukan Woocommerce API Key and Secret. Ikut je semua panduan yang ada semasa proses integration tu.

Lepas proses integration tu dah berjaya, semua order dalam Woocomerce yang ada status berubah menjadi 'paid' akan dapat dilihat dalam korang punya  Woocommerce Integration Orders.  Korang jugak boleh pilih orders untuk diproses ia akan dihantar ke myparcelasia.com.  Cart ready untuk checkout.

 Harga exclusive  dan jugak yang normal will be applied.

Korang dibenarkan untuk ada beberapa Woocommerce  store integrated dan setiap satunya akan ada dia punya Integration Order list .

Here for easier shipment process!

published at 21 Feb 2020 12:00 am. Last updated at 21 Feb 2020 02:46 am

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