1) Picture of the packaging before shipped out or description of the packaging (flyers: color/size/brand/plain) / box

Gambar pembungkusan sebelum penghantaran atau details pembungkusan (jika flyers: warna / size/ brand/

Example : Parcel Image

2) Please state send date of the parcel as in system in this email

    Sila nyatakan tarikh item di pickup / di drop off di dalam email ni

3) Picture of the item

    Gambar barang/item/produk yang terdapat di dalam bungkusan tersebut

Contoh : Gambar Barang (Click)

4) Put in the subject : pending tracking (tracking number)

    Letakkan pada subject email: Pending tracking (masukkan tracking number yang anda ingin adukan)

5) Invoice/receipt/transaction slip as proof of items' price

    Invois barang/resit/slip transaksi bukti harga barang yang dihantar

6) Email to 

    Email pada

J&T will not be liable for any claim for pending status of the parcel, damage, lost, that exceeds 30 days from the send date,

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