1) Picture of the packaging before shipped out or description of the packaging (flyers: color/size/brand/plain) / box
Gambar pembungkusan sebelum penghantaran atau details pembungkusan (jika flyers: warna / size/ brand/ plain) atau menggunakan kotak

Contoh : Click Untuk Gambar

2) AWB/consignment note copy (Kindly download from MyParcel account at column checkout orders)

    Nota konsainan barang tersebut (Sila download semula daripada akaun MyParcel anda di bahagian "checkout orders")

3) Pictures of all the items

     Gambar penuh/keseluruhan barang yang dihantar

4) Invoice/receipt/transaction slip as proof of items' price

    Invois barang/resit/slip transaksi bukti harga barang yang dihantar

5) Email it to Put in the subject Lost Item (Tracking number)

    Letak pada subjek email: barang hilang (tracking number yang ingin diadukan), email pada

J&T will not be liable for any claim for pending status of the parcel, damage, lost, that exceeds 30 days from the send date,

published at 03 Feb 2021 12:00 am. Last updated at 03 Feb 2021 06:59 am

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