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Hi Savers!

We are proud to announce that now we have our official channel to communicate with all of you. This channel will be called "Updates & Notes" and it works like a simple blog managed directly by the people "behind the counter" of our support channel.

We will share all the latest updates regarding the myparcelasia.com system our courier providers including new features, upgrades, promotion runs and also great articles to grow your sales and business.

Here to more sales and easier shipment process!

-- Bahasa --

Kami dengan gembiranya nak bagitahu yang sekarang ni  kami dah ada saluran yg official untuk berkomunikasi dengan korang semua. Saluran ini akan dipanggil  "Updates & Notes" dan fungsinya adalah seperti blog yang mudah difahami. Secara langsung, ianya diuruskan oleh  orang-orang "behind the counter"  of our support channel.

Kami akan berkongsi semua maklumat terkini mengenai sistem myparcelasia.com termasuk ciri-ciri baru, penambahbaikan, promosi dan juga artikel-artikel hebat untuk meningkatkan jualan dan perniagaan anda.

Here to more sales and easier shipment process!

published at 21 Feb 2020 12:00 am. Last updated at 21 Feb 2020 02:21 am

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